Workout from Drepression

When we experience depression, we lose ourselves. Our bodies suffer too. The events that make us depressed are already out of our control, but we can learn to control what happens to us after these painful experiences.

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About the Book

“Workout from Depression” provides anyone recovering from any traumatic experiences, especially the trauma associated with domestic violence, with actionable steps that can help them improve their physical well-being.

Workout from Depression will:


Help you identify how depression affects your physical health, using relatable experiences.


Discover how your lack of control over your health,  may lead to a lack of control in other areas of your life, especially your productivity at work.


Help you identify safe daily, and weekly exercise routines, that you can incorporate into your health.


Teach you how to create a tracker for your daily fitness goal, and how to remain accountable even on days you feel unmotivated.


Teach proven strategies, that will help you break free from age-long myths in your family, around physical health.


Challenge what you may have read in other books, blogs, or articles about physical health, and provide a perspective that speaks to people who have very peculiar traumatic experiences, such as domestic violence and or narcissistic abuse. 


“I found this book really useful, especially the part where you shared meal plans and fitness activities I can do from home. They are easy to follow. I totally recommend this book.” -
“Your motivation is contagious, and your fitness strategies have pushed me towards achieving my own goal. Thank you so much! You inspire!”
“My life has changed since I began implementing the strategies you shared in your book. I feel happier, and I have now begun to teach this new lifestyle to my children and other members of my family. I really appreciate what you have done with this book.”

About the Author

Bisola-Mariam, is a Bank of America’s Chicago Marathon Runner, a survivor of domestic violence trauma, and a mother who has survived episodes of post-partum depression from two painful birth experiences. As a fitness coach, she helps survivors like her  take charge of their physical health by helping them to develop a lifestyle that prioritizes physical and mental fitness. She believes that everyone is capable of overcoming depressing live events  but must be willing to do workout from depression.  Learn more about her at

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