Pain to Profit

When life throws you lemons,  turn them into lemonades. That is exactly what this book is about.  This book teaches the strategies for building a sustainable source of income from a previously painful experience.

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About the Book

Pain to Profit  is a practical guide for building multiple income streams. We all have survived challenging life experiences, and if we learn to document correctly and teach others, we can become wealthy and famous. People are constantly looking for answers to life’s most difficult questions, including some of the challenges you have surmounted. This book will show you how to leverage that knowledge and get paid.

Pain to Profit will:


Teach you the strategies for identifying monetizable personal and professional experiences.


Help you identify what people will always pay for, and how to ensure your business speaks to those market demands.


Teach you the proven methods for attracting buyers, keeping them, and making them advocates for your brand.


Teach you how to leverage new media, for scaling your business.


Help you build high-income sales systems, that can help you earn even while you sleep, or are on vacation.


Help you identify the checklist of a sustainable and profit-driven business.

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“I have always been afraid if I could offer my service because I have always been afraid that my abuser will find me. I just discovered I can offer contactless services without compromising my safety.”
“Your book has helped me close more sales in 4 weeks than in 12 months. I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to start and sustain a business profitably.”
“I never thought running a non-profit could be profitable. For several years, I kept doing it wrong until I read your book. I will ask that every non-profit leader reads this and share it with their team members.”

About the Author

Bisola-Mariam is the author of 7 books, the creative director of two digital stores,  founder and CEO of a social enterprise and a non-profit, respectively. Leveraging personal and professional experiences, she has designed for herself and many others the proven formula for building multiple income streams. She now empowers others, especially survivors of domestic violence, to build profitable businesses for themselves.  Learn more about her at