Fully Funded


Fully Funded! The Secrets to Studying, Working,  and Living Permanently in the United States or Canada


Empower Your Aspirations: Mastering Funding Strategies to Unlocking the American and Canadian Dream.

This book teaches the strategies for getting fully funded to pursue your academic or professional dream in the United States or Canada.


About the book:


Fully Funded is a handbook for anyone who desires to access global educational or professional development opportunities fully funded. It teaches strategies for identifying and qualifying for these world-class opportunities.  If you have always desired to advance professionally abroad, without loans or paying out of pocket, this book is undoubtedly for you.   


About the Author

Bisola-Mariam is a recipient of numerous academic and professional development opportunities. She was awarded a scholarship to pursue a graduate degree in Classics in Nigeria. Next, she was awarded an assistantship to pursue another graduate degree in communication studies in the United States. Bisola-Mariam got accepted to study at the University of Chicago, and is on a path to a JD/PHD/MBA,  in the United States. While advancing academically, she has received several paid internships, jobs, and career development opportunities in the United States as well. Learn about her at www.bisolamariam.com


Fully Funded will:

  • Teach you the strategies for identifying how your personal story,  professional experiences, and extracurricular experiences align with your career plan.
  • Help you identify what funders or employers are looking for and how to make sure your application speaks to precisely what they are looking for in a candidate.
  • Teach you the proven methods for getting waivers from universities so you can submit your applications without hassle. 
  • Provide information on the immigration processes in the USA and Canada and how to leverage them to your advantage for permanent residence status or other immigration opportunities.  
  • Provide you with strategies for accessing and positioning yourself for post-graduation jobs or business opportunities in USA or Canada. 

Fully Funded is a handbook for anyone who desires to access global educational opportunities on full funding


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