It was Lewis Caroll who said that the best gift we can give ourselves is a lifetime of adventures. When we curate our events, we want you to have the best experiences and make meaningful memories.

From our life coaching workshops

Our life coaching framework is based on four core aspects: healing, fitness, personal development, and business development.

Our life coaching program is designed as a self-paced online course. You will find here, courses that teach practical strategies that relate to your chosen area of growth.

To our creative consulting Next Level CEO events.
To our Afriventure tour and destination events that will blow you away!

While pop culture among other sources has its representation of Africa, we want you to experience Africa, and choose the stories you will tell others about her.

With our destination experiences in African countries, will not only excite you, but also let you see for yourself, the richness of her countries.

To our specially curated Fit2Love Dance programs, that fosters a community and belonging!

The fit2love program brings you dance fitness classes, that will help you lose weight in a fun environment, while also also making connections with other people-as a single person, or increasing intimacy with your partner, if you have a partner. 

We think about you when we create these experiences, and we want you to know that you deserve nothing but the EXTRAORDINARY!

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