Change your life in 6 months!

Through 6 live coaching sessions,  24  weekly community support, 24 live fitness challenges, 60 hours of direct expert insights in your goal books,  myself, and our team of coaches will help you transform your life in 6 months if you give us the chance. 


Here are reviews from those who have benefitted from our past programs. What this 6 months program offers, is a 6 months group coaching. 

4 Benefits of enrolling

Personal development. Get expert insights on your study or work abroad application. You will get direct comments from an expert study abroad coach for your applications to study or relocate abroad. 

Business development. Get insights for improving your business and help position your brand online for sales and impact. 

Healing. Get expert insights from a therapist and legal consultants for your mental health related challenges. 

Fitness. Make weekly progress to your healing through a series of goal setting activities, and live workout challenges to improve your health. 

You get access to all these benefits, and not one benefit, depending on your primary goal. 

FAQS about the 6 months life coaching

Is there a refund for this program?

No, you will not get a refund for paying or donating to join this program.

When is the program commencing?

The program starts first Saturday in July, 2023.

 What should I expect from this program? 

Expect 6 live zoom unrecorded sessions. Yes, there will be no replay. The plan is for you to be fully present during this program. Expect bi-weekly comments in your goal books, from our expert coaches, who will share strategies in your goal books. For instance, if your primary goal is study abroad, you will see comments from an expert coach in that area; and if your goal is also to heal, in addition to this academic plan, you will get comments from the mental health coach, if you are working on your fitness goal in addition to the aforementioned, you will find comments from a nutritionist. In addition, you must join weekly live fitness sessions, with a personal fitness trainer, during the period of this challenge. 

Please note, the coaches will under no circumstances provide any outside support, outside of this program. Also, you will find guides for building your own goal books, with strategies for making weekly commitment to your personal goal during the duration of this program.

What should I not expect from this program?

Private coaching, special attention outside of the cohort, no dms, or messaging of coaches. All communications will be via emails, and assignments/goal book activities must be submitted on Trello, the organization’s workspace, and you must show up for the live coaching calls. This is not a private coaching that offers special document review for graduate school applications, special or private counselling or therapy sessions, or any other executive coaching that our company offers. 

What personal milestones should I be expecting to record every month?

1st Week of July- Onboarding and goal books setups, and introduction to your life coaches

2nd Week of July- Design vision board, and write out goals for the first month. 

3rd Week of July- Listen to pre-recorded audios/videos as per goal focus for the week, and record progress in your goal book. 

4th Week of July End of Program- Continue to repeat the process. 

If you are looking for a no fluff tested, and trusted program, that will change your life, this program is for you.

You will never get such a life changing program anywhere, and all we  need is for you to commit to this program, and you will see how your life will change quickly! 

Email to with proof of donation. 

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