Broken Child Broken Adult and How To KIll Your Spouse

In these books, you will learn why you have not healed from the wounds from your childhood; and why you attracted or continue to attract abusive partners.

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Broken Child
Broken Adult

“Broken Child, Broken Adult,” is a handbook, for anyone, who needs to heal from childhood trauma. It also has embedded in it, self-care journal components, to help people analyze their past traumas, and most of the ugly experiences that keep them stuck. You will find in this book, a weekly healing goal tracker you can set for yourself, creative ideas to implement, as you commit towards healing from trauma weekly, and also, a reflection section, where you can write about your feelings.


The book will:


Help you identify the events in your childhood that have led to your being traumatized.


Help you identify how those past experiences trigger certain behaviors, even now that you are an adult.


Show you how to develop a healing plan and commit to it.

How to Kill Your Spouse

Although the title is disruptive and may scare, the book, How to Kill Your Spouse,   does not teach people how to commit murder. Rather, it describes how people who claim they love their partners kill them, even without pointing guns at them.  The book will teach people in intimate relationships how to identify abusive patterns in those relationships. It also contains specific case studies to aid readers’ understanding of red flags in abusive relationships. Are you confused about your relationship or marriage? Then you must read this book!

The book will:


Help you identify signs of abuse in your relationship


Help you learn why you keep attracting abusive people in your love relationships.


Teach strategies for healing from past abusive relationships and how not to attract toxic people.


“Your book resonates with me for two reasons: My grandmother (a close friend of mine) also had a narcissistic partner who deeply hurt her. I also struggle with anxiety and depression, and I am beginning to realize the importance of healing from trauma.”
“How to Kill Your Spouse by Bisola-Mariam is an interesting book that reels you in. I was intentional about not reading all in a single moment, and I tried hard not to. I love the way the story was written, getting the whole narration through Shane’s perspective. The title itself is ambiguous. You can’t just stop at that. You have to read to the end, to find out who tried to kill whom.”
“Bisola-Mariam, my friend and soul sister, thank you for writing our story and sharing it with the world. You are indeed the one whose book the world has been waiting to read!”
“Apart from the personal experience shared in this novel, I also think it is very engaging, carefully thought-out, and expressed in a way that keeps the reader yearning for more. Thank you for being very vulnerable with us, BM. We don't see this very often.”
“Please get this book for those experiencing domestic abuse. It is showing them love and care.”

About the Author

Bisola-Mariam is a narcissistic abuse survivor who survived fifteen years of abuse in her childhood and another ten years  in a toxic marriage. Her goal is to empower others who have experienced the same years of intergenerational traumas. In her scholarly endeavor, she studies how the social and legal systems retraumatize survivors of domestic violence and other vulnerable groups. Learn more about her at

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