I have not published in over 3 months, but I am so angry that I had to write this.


Hey there, long time no see. I can’t imagine that despite not writing in months, I keep getting close 10-15 subscribers daily.

Well, let me keep this short and sweet.

I am very angry, and if you are seriously looking to move outside of your country to another (maybe USA or elsewhere), and intend to desperately do so through study (also called F1 visa in the US), you want to read and pin this post.

If you are a professional, please stop applying for F1 visas.

The F1 visa is very limiting and it will bring you embarrassments that you do not deserve.

I will tell a short story. I got my OPT after I finished my first graduate degree here, and worked for about a year. Believe me, a work visa for a year, does not significantly improve your economic status.

I returned to school, and given the nature of my degree, I can only work for 20 hours a week. Some people try to do several other things, but imagine if you are a banker who used to work at GTB, and then came to study at Booth for MBA, and you have to drive uber to augment the 20 hours of approved work by USCIS.

You will hate your “status”. So, with such constraints, and if you want to maintain good grades, and God so help you you find yourself at a university that runs a quarter system, that is a difficult life, especially if age is not even on your side.

I digressed, but back to my story.

I am pursuing a social work degree, so I take classes for two days, and have to work at an unpaid internship for 16 hours a week, and work partime 20 hours, and take classes for another 6 hours a week, plus several hours that go into doing readings, etc.

The harsh reality is, that the F1 visa limits very talented and ambitious immigrants, in several ways, but here are 5. I have added a note on a different visa route you can consider and why.

F1 visa does not give you access to some scholarships and financial aids that citizens and domestic students enjoy without even competing for them.

You can not run a successful business if you are on F1 visa (this can be argued). F1 visa requires that you take not less than 3 classes a quarter.

You can not access business grants or funding that can support your business, because F1 visa holders are not eligible.

Federal goverment jobs are reserved for citizens and greencard holders, and your passion and qualifications are not enough except your immigration status changes.

Well, I can’t think of the 5th one, but if you are experienced on this subject. Please join the convo, someone could use your expert knowledge.

What other options are out there?

There is a visa category called EB2-NIW, and while not many folks are talking about it, several immigrants have succeeded at this, even while applying in their home countries. It requires that you put together a strong application, and the approval rates are high. It could take a year to put together, or less.

Yes, I know you are probably impatient and just want to get that F1 visa (which is even pretty hard to get these days), have you considered the EB2-NIW green card route?

Guess what, if you get this visa option, and you have business operations back in your home country, you can travel as many times as you want.

You are probably wondering, BM, you nko, have you applied? Well, the gist will be on our website soon.

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Until I write again- not sure how long, but I am in the trenches trying to make sure all my books are released in print this year!

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